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Our Platform

Poor targeting of immuno-oncology therapeutics damages healthy organs and tissues, resulting in reduced quality of life for patients due to severe side effects, early treatment discontinuation, and reduced survival.

We use our proprietary AI-guided structural biology platform to design oncology therapeutics, setting ourselves apart by focusing on the anatomical and biochemical context in which a protein is found. 9Bio’s platform prioritizes the ‘where’ of protein behavior, differentiating between normal healthy tissue and cancerous tissue based on the unique metabolomic and chemical signatures of the cancer microenvironment.

This technology generates safer and more efficacious therapeutics, paving the way for novel and highly targeted cancer treatments. Our pipeline of three discovery-stage therapies illustrates the broad applicability of our approach.

Antibody example


Improved Tolerability

The specificity conferred by our platform reduces peripheral toxicity while maintaining strong anti-cancer effects.

Superior Pharmacokinetics

By limiting target engagement outside tumors, we avoid premature clearance from the body, leading to longer retention and better bioavailability within tumors. This can improve both dosing schedule and efficacy.

Novel Modalities

Our platform enables the exploration of mechanisms of action that would be too toxic in healthy tissues. This includes harnessing underexploited immune effector mechanisms, pioneering new classes of therapeutics.


9Bio recognizes the value of strategic collaborations in advancing the field of biotechnology. We are excited to establish new collaborations that leverage our technology to develop innovative protein-based therapeutics, including antibodies, engineered cytokines, CAR T cells, and ligand/receptor mimetics.