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Our Platform

Proteins serve as biology’s machinery and, akin to how mechanical machinery operates, a protein’s structure dictates its function. Grounded in this concept, 9Bio engineers protein structure to bestow molecules with innovative functionality.

Our engineering platform combines structural biology, proven AI models, and proprietary algorithms. By blending technology and deep biological expertise, we uncover valuable information about protein behavior to optimize, alter, or create entirely new structures. This enables us to craft custom-designed proteins with improved capabilities to address intricate design puzzles and generate novel candidates for drug therapies or diagnostic tools.

Antibody example


Precision Interface Engineering

Proteins engineered for optimized interactions.

Using 9Bio’s platform, we identify and target critical residues for interactions between proteins of interest, modifying them for improved or reduced affinity or for modified affinity dependent upon physiological conditions.

An illustrative application of this technology involves enhancing the binding affinity of a target protein towards a favorable partner, concomitantly mitigating its undesirable interactions with detrimental counterparts. Through comprehensive computational analysis and predictive modeling, we first identify key amino acid residues within the target protein’s binding site. This information guides our structural biology experts in precisely engineering mutations that enhance the protein’s binding affinity with the desired partner while disrupting interactions with undesirable ones. Subsequently, our AI-driven simulations assess the impact of these mutations on the protein’s three-dimensional structure and dynamics, ensuring that the desired interactions are strengthened without compromising overall stability. The resulting optimized protein exhibits improved specificity, holding tremendous promise across a broad range of application, – such as improving therapeutic efficacy while reducing toxicity.

Domain Fusion Engineering

Engineered chimeric proteins.

Through protein domain manipulation and fusion, we enable the strategic combination of domains from different proteins to yield innovative chimeric proteins. Using AI algorithms and structural biology insights, we map the functional determinants of target domains, identifying key regions crucial for their distinct activities. Leveraging this understanding, we assemble combinations that inherit functionalities from their original sources or exhibit entirely novel capabilities. The design phase is followed by rigorous molecular simulations to ensure that the fused domains maintain stable three-dimensional structures and dynamic behavior. This comprehensive approach enables us to craft tailor-made combinational proteins with bespoke functionality.

Developability Optimization

Improved manufacturability and deliverability.

9Bio’s AI-guided structural biology platform offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing protein-based therapeutics and tools developability and manufacturability. The platform utilizes structural biology modeling and AI to predict crucial factors such as solubility, aggregation, and thermal stability, providing invaluable insights for enhancing protein performance.

Beyond prediction, our platform can be used to fine-tune developability properties, including aggregation/insolubility and thermal stability — key determinants influencing the likelihood of successfully developing protein-based therapies and tools.


9Bio recognizes the value of strategic alliances in advancing the field of biotechnology.

We are excited to establish new collaborations and delve into how our technology can be leveraged to optimize the capabilities of protein therapeutics or tools.