About 9Bio

9Bio stands at the confluence of biology, structural engineering, and artificial intelligence, pioneering breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow’s healthcare.

Our Story

9Bio began with a visionary notion: What if we could strategically re-engineer the core biological processes that shape us? And by doing so, could we push the very limits of what’s conceivable to improve patients’ health?

Our journey is anchored in proteins – the intricate molecular agents central to biology, shaping both our potential and limitations. These extraordinary molecules orchestrate life, and our mission is to tailor them for roles beyond those envisioned by nature.

Engineering proteins is a symphony of precision and data-driven design. Guided by algorithms honed to decode protein intricacies and virtual modeling that reveals the underlying nature and potential of biological systems, we redefine protein capabilities, pioneering novel functions at a pace unmatched by conventional methods.

We stand on the verge of a paradigm shift in discovery research. 9Bio is poised to spearhead this evolutionary progression by leverage our cutting-edge technology to build a pipeline of groundbreaking treatments and enhance patient health.

Our Mission

Engineer previously unimaginable biological possibilities.

Our Values


We relentlessly pursue novel solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in biologics.


Every member of the 9Bio team takes personal responsibility for their work, driving results with dedication and accountability.

9Bio Values


We believe in fostering an environment of transparency and reliability, ensuring that every stakeholder can count on us.


Beyond our business, we are deeply committed to nurturing a supportive community, both within and outside 9Bio, to create a lasting positive impact.


Meet Our Team

Backed by experience; Advised by recognized experts.

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